Review the EQAO tests

We need to determine if standardized testing is achieving the results and expectations our children, youth, families and teachers need it to be achieving.

We need to put the focus back on meaningful learning for the 21st Century, which might include ending the EQAO test, but not before we consult with the parents and caregivers and ensuring any and all funding that comes from this initiative is replaced through another Provincial or federal funding stream.

We need testing that benefits our children, youth and families while providing our schools the resources they require to provide essential life skills.
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Fixing our schools and Funding issues

There are too many of our children and youth that are attending school in buildings without a proper foundation. Things like heat or air conditioning not working, leaky or unsafe roofs and or stairways, potential mold issues.

You need a voice that we stand up to the Province and demand improvement for years of neglecting our schools, how they are funded and reduce the restrictions that limit our children, youth and staff’s potential for growth and development.

#FixtheFormula  needs to be more than just a slogan, it needs to be put into action and delivered for our families.
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Fair and Equitable Representation

For too many years the Role of the Trustee has been seen as a secondary position within our Political classes. If elected as YOUR Trustee, that stops!

I believe our children deserve fair and equitable representation, a Full-Time voice representing the needs of our students, parents, teachers, staff and communities alike.

If elected I will work with one of our Members of Provincial Parliament to put forth a private members bill demanding that the Trustee position be made

Full-time for beginning in the fall of 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.

Your protection is MY Passion.
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Professional Representation

The essential link between YOUR City, YOUR Community and YOUR Government