Revise, NOT Repeal the Sex education Act

We need to 1st Respect parents, which means joining forces with the Province of Ontario to review and determine the benefits and needed changes to the sex education curriculum so that it reflects the changing times in today’s 21st century learning. Right away we need to begin and continue consultations with parents and caregivers.

Children, youth and families deserve to be educated and informed regarding current issues and situations and on how to protect themselves and become the best person they were meant to be.
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Back to the Basics with Math

We need a return to the way math was thought that allowed for understanding in a practical sense.

We need to restore proven methods of teaching that have worked for centuries while introducing financial literacy earlier into the curriculum.

We need to better prepare our children and youth for real-life situations.
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French immersion, is it still relevant?

Studies over the years has shown the effect of learning a second language on first language skills has been virtually positive in all studies. In the diverse Region, Province and Country we live in, the ability to communicate with your fellow citizen’s is the way we are evolving as this and the next generation become educated.

Research has also shown that the loss of instructional time in English in favour of a second language hasn’t shown to have negative effects on the achievement of the first language.

The French language is the second most frequently-learned second or foreign language behind English. It’s the official language of more than 33 countries and is the only language other than English to be spoken on five continents.

This could lead to more opportunities for bilingual Canadians seeking employment outside of the country. I support the French Immersion program.
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The time for ACTION is overdue, STOP BULLYING TODAY!

When a child in OUR Peel Region commits suicide as a result of many years of being a victim to BULLYING, we have to STAND UP and ACT.

Time for talking, meeting, discussing has come and gone. We as the adults MUST champion the change required to

As a parent we MUST have a conversation with our children tonight and find out how bullying is or has affect their lives. Be them the victim or the bully, we MUST be that voice of reason for them, teaching, leading by example and implementing boundaries and reprimands, when and where need to ensure that no more kids turn to suicide as a way out from the pain they have had to experience.

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