Mental Health and Our Students

Mental health over the past 10 years has seen a dramatic increase in our schools. We as education providers MUST be a front line provider, working hand in hand with Peel Health to provide support and mechanisms for our children and youth to access while in school and also with the parents/caregivers.

Mental health problems often develop during childhood and adolescence, it’s important that we’re addressing this at school beginning in Kindergarten.

When a child gets help for a mental health issue early on, he or she will have a greater chance to succeed in school and at life.
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Special Education

Going back to the #FixtheFormula issue.

In almost every case when a Provincial Government comes in and cuts Public education funding, Special education, in addition to Physical Education and the Arts/Culture are the first to take a hit because the funding must come from somewhere to feed the Educational machine in our systems.

I believe that your Trustee needs to be working and communicating every day with the Members of Provincial Parliament, ensuring that we are getting our fair share of funding, equal representation and access to resources.

As one of the largest School Boards in the Province, estimated over 100,000 students, the students, parents and teachers deserve it.
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We are all responsible for Communities, OUR Families and OUR City

Yes Physical Education is Essential

I am a true believer that physical education is essential to the long term mental and physical development of our students.

We need to be active, engaged and aware of our own self before we can understand others.

Physical education is also about leadership, becoming a team player and developing our social skills and abilities to relate, understand, sympathize and empathize with others.

I am a supporter of Physical education not being an option but mandatory throughout your public school career.
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